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Will has been the most personable, professional developer I have ever met. He produced the most professional website along with great service and communication. I will continue to do business with him, and would recommend his services to anyone in need!
Wayne Ledouxwww.ledouxenterprises.com
I have used William K Web Design for the last 4 years. William is a very professional efficient worker who puts 120% effort into helping his clients!! I will recommend William K Web Design to all my business associate’s.
Robert Newcombwww.superiorsealersllc.com
As a digital agency, our website serves as a reflection of not only our image, but also our capabilities. Q Digital Media placed its website and SEO in the hands of William K Web Design during our rebranding. In short, our new site was phenomenal. So much so that we now rely on the skills and talent of William K Web Design not only for our site, but our clients as well. WKWD has consistently delivered quality web development and SEO services for us and we could not be happier with their excellent design skills and fast turnaround. I would highly recommend William K Web Design for anyone seeking quality, affordable web services.
Jazmine Collinswww.qdigital.media
I started my own home business in 2016 and needed to launch a marketing strategy on the internet. Reaching the specific market segment I am targeting required a presence on the web. I spoke with Will about my vision and goals for my business and he designed a website that was exactly what I had hoped for and more. He guided me through the entire process from color schemes to logo design to even my own mission statement. He chose images that were tailor made for my tax preparation business. Will knows how to navigate the world of search engines and how the specific wording on my website could cause it to rank higher when people are looking for my particular service. He gave me detailed instructions as to writing blogs and how that creates greater likelihood for my website to be found on those same search engines. He is very faithful, attentive, and diligent to respond to questions and concerns I have about his products and services. He truly cares about his clients and does not rest until they are fully satisfied with the design, performance, and content of his websites. I am looking forward to revising and refining my website over the years in order to reach more clients with my services. I highly recommend Will to anyone who has a need for a formidable presence on the web.
Jamison Franichwww.levitaxservice.com
I originally put up an ad on Craigslist to interview the perfect candidate to build my company website. Not only did I almost fall out my chair from excitement when I saw my new company website, that day I literally wanted Will as my goto web developer. Here we are two years later, and he has built nearly 150 websites for our clients, as him and I are now business partners. I recommend anyone who is looking for an awesome, clean, and appealing site to put it into the hands of Will.
Jason Holdinskiwww.thehyperfarmer.com