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Image courtesy of Cinemagraphs.com

With 2017 halfway over, I decided to look back at the last six months to determine what features we have been asked about most to include in our designs. There are three web design trends that stuck out the most: typography, color, and cinemagraphs.


One of best ways to make text pop out on a website is to use different kinds of typefaces. For so long websites have been filled with the same handful of fonts, but 2017 has proven that shakeup in typography can be a good thing! Now, along with the variety of typefaces websites are also including animated text, individually typefaced letters, and sizes.


Nothing makes a nice big font pop out more than a bright colored background. Simplicity in website design has been the norm for a while now, but in 2017 we are seeing a trend in brighter, richer color selections. Everything isn’t always a white or off-white background now.


Assets such as images and videos are always an important part in design. Nobody appreciates a boring website filled with bland fonts, dull colors, and all text. Something that websites are taking more of an advantage now though are cinemagraphs. In case you are not familiar with the term, cinemagraphs are basically videos of repeated movement to replicate a subtle animation or movement. Used correctly these can become key elements in website designs or remain nice simple touch in the background. Your choice.

Web Design Trends

Having discussed typography, colors, and cinemagraphs as three key trends we have seen so far this year, our favorite is the use of cinemagraphs. Nothing is more impressive than a visual asset that just fits with your company’s brand and style.

If you have any questions on trends or would like a free consultation on your website get in touch with us!


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