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One thing is absolutely clear about social media today: it is here to stay. With millions of people using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms on a daily basis, making sure that your website is taking advantage of social media is crucial. But having a social media page is only half the equation—you need to have full integration with your website as well. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Integrate Social Media?

The driving force to the success of your online presence is your website. Your website is where you list your products, possibly make direct online sales, and have opportunities to capture leads and convert customers.

If social media is not helping bring more visitors to your website, then you are missing out on a lot of the potential that social media has for your business’ success. On the other hand, if you have a website that is not also promoting your social pages, you are missing out on the potential to reach your audience on a long-term basis.

How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Business

In the society we live in today, social media has quickly become the new word of mouth. Through Tweets and Facebook posts, it is easier and faster than ever to share information with friends and family. When someone lands on your website, being able to share information directly to social platforms is essential.

At the end of your blog posts and other content, websites should feature social share buttons to make it easier for people to recommend your website. Websites can also have the ability to like and follow your social accounts directly on your website itself, eliminating the need for users to actually search for your social profiles.

Social Media Integration Is A Two-Way Street

It is just as important to integrate your website into your social media as it is to integrate social media into your website. When you post to Facebook, Tweet, or make any other action on social media, keep your website in mind. Sharing content from your own pages to your social media accounts to drive traffic is important.

On your social profiles, it is also important to clearly link your website in any of your profile description text. This will allow users to quickly be able to visit your website from any social site that they are on.

When In Doubt, Consult A Professional

Are you struggling with your digital and social presence? If so, William K Web Design can help. With years of experience working with small businesses of all types, William K Web Design can help with your social media integration and your social media campaigns. For more information on my services or to set up a free consultation, get in touch today.


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