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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why Do You Use WordPress?

WordPress is open source content management software and currently powers around 25% of all websites on the Internet. The project is contributed to by tens of thousands of developers all over the world and is growing from strength to strength. WordPress allows me to develop custom and flexible websites to modern standards and observes web development best practices. Furthermore the community of web developers that use WordPress reaches far and wide and allows me to tap in to this collective intelligence and bring that wealth of experience to your project.

  • Where Is The Website Hosted?

William K Web Design offers competitive hosting rates and we would be happy to host your website here for as long as you would like. However, if you already have a hosting company that you prefer as long as they specialize with WordPress hosting there will not be any issue using your own hosting provider. Feel free to inquire about your preferred hosting company should any questions arise.

  • What Happens After The Website Goes Live?

Once your website is launched, or goes live as I like to say, I will provide 30 days of support to make sure any bugs have been ironed out and that you are confident using your new website. After this you will need to subscribe to one of my ongoing website care plans to make sure your website is looked after and maintained for these services. These website care plans include updating your software, regular backups, security checks and making sure your website is online and open for business 24/7/365. More information on our website care plans is available upon request.

  • Who Do I Call If Something Goes Wrong With The Website Or I Can’t Figure Something Out?

Provided you subscribe to one of our ongoing website care plans, we will be your first point of call should something go wrong with your website. We will determine whether it is something the hosting company needs to fix something that is covered by your website care plan. We will provide training to assist you in using your website once it is launched if needed.

  • Is There A Contract?

No. I pride myself every month working hard for your business and loyalty. There is no need for contracts when I do that. Payment is required in advance and in full to begin working on any service. If you choose to pay in advance and for some reason decide you would like to cancel you will be properly reimbursed for the amount of time you will no longer be using William K Web Design services.

  • How Long Will It Take To Appear At The Top Of Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

The time it takes for your website to appear on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing depends on a number of factors. It depends on the search phrase people are using to find your website and the number of other websites that are also available for those search phrases. Nobody can truly say how long it will take for your website to appear at the top of search engine results pages (including people who actually work for Google). However, there are a number of factors that can improve your chances. Building your website on WordPress is a good start as WordPress has some great Search Engine Optimization fundamentals built-in. Creating unique and interesting content on a regular basis for your website is also critical to increase your visibility among search engines. Launching your website and then forgetting about it is a surefire way to get lost among the noise. I am happy to talk more about your search engine strategy.