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What Color Choice Should You Use For Your Website?

The colors used in your website design are an important factor for your website’s success. To obtain a polished and professional look you should consult with your web designer about your color palette and potential color choice ideas that you have. If you have no idea how to begin finalizing your website color selection here are three important things to consider.

Choosing a Color from your Business Logo or Image

If your company has an established logo that you are proud of and plan on continue to market with then this is the perfect place to choose your website colors from. It is important to have some kind of continuity in your branding, so choosing from your business logo is an obvious and easy choice.

Another option would be to choose from an important image that will be used in your website. For example, if you have a background image you want used or if you have a hero image you plan on having on the home landing page, etc.

Choosing a Color Based on Business Goals

Color choice has a lot of influence on the user’s first impression. Market researchers and brand managers have used color psychology to influence product engagement. Color psychology is the science of how color affect human behavior. Example results from these studies show us that if your business is targeting women then use a color scheme that includes blue, purple, and green (not orange, brown, or gray). If you are targeting men then use blue, green, and black (not brown, orange, or purple).

This is why your business goals are an important factor in your website color choice. For example, if your business is a tax preparation company then odds are you are going to use more conservative colors. This kind of website would most likely not be designed with a pink color palette, unless that was the business’ brand and in which case most likely all of the business’ marketing materials match.

Choosing how many Colors to Use

There isn’t a direct rule. However, the more colors you use, the harder it is to establish a unified web design look. At William K Web Design we determine the background color. Then a primary color for important elements throughout the site and a secondary color for miscellaneous elements throughout the site as well.

Depending on the web design look, you may need an additional accent color. This color should compliment both the primary and secondary color choices. If any other colors are needed, we recommend using a different shade or tint of a primary or secondary color.

Obtain Help With Your Color Choice

Consult with William K Web Design about your website and overall color selection when designing your business website’s new look.

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