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Color Choice at William K Web Design

What Color Choice Should You Use For Your Website?

The colors used in your website design are an important factor for your website’s success. To obtain a polished and professional look you should consult with your web designer about your color palette and potential color choice ideas that you have. If you have no idea how to begin finalizing your website color selection here

Website Needs Work

5 Signs Your Website Needs Work

Your website is an important part of your brand. In order to keep that brand trending you need to have an impressive website superior of your competitors. Just because your business currently has a website online does not mean it’s perfect or that you should just leave it unattended. Your website and overall online presence

The Latest Web Design Trends We Love

Image courtesy of Cinemagraphs.com With 2017 halfway over, I decided to look back at the last six months to determine what features we have been asked about most to include in our designs. There are three web design trends that stuck out the most: typography, color, and cinemagraphs. Typography One of best ways to make

Website Redesign

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign

There is a quick answer and there is a long answer. For the quick answer just know that it is 2017 and trends are changing so fast that if you just got a newly designed website last year there are probably things that designers can do now that you wish you would had on your

responsive website design

Why Your Company Needs A Responsive Website Design?

In Ohio, company owners must choose options for their web developments that are likely to achieve success. This is why all company websites should follow a specific design pattern. With more responsive website designs, the company’s e-commerce website won’t face hindrances or drive away traffic. The following is an assessment of why companies need a

DIY Websites

8 Mistakes of DIY Websites

Do it yourself websites, or DIY websites, are website companies who charge you a low monthly fee for everything and have pre-built templates available for you to pick from to build your own website off of. Sounds easy enough! And a fairly cheap option! Shouldn’t this be the route all small business owners go when

Call to Action at William K Web Design

The Importance Of A Call To Action For Your Business Website

When a visitor lands on your website and reads your blog post, a landing page, or views your products and services, what do they do next? Do they leave and find a different website? Do they call your company? Do they sign up for your services or join your mailing list? Are you instructing them

Website at William K Web Design

Why Your Website Is Never Actually Finished

When is the last time you updated your website? If the answer is never, you could be in trouble. Even if you have updated it within the last few years, you may still need more work done. In fact, unless your website is constantly being updated and changed, you are likely falling behind with your

Web Design at William K Web Design

All About Web Design

Web Design: The Key to your Business Success Web design is simply the process of conceptualizing, planning, and then building collection of the electronic files, which determine the text styles, layout, graphics, structure, images, and the utilization of the interactive features responsible for delivering pages to the visitors of the site. This is done by

Your Business Needs To Have Responsive Web Design

Your Business Needs To Have Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is one of the web techniques and designs that primarily create a system or site reacting to user’s screen size. Responsive web design is responsible for optimizing browsing experience of the users by means of creating responsive and flexible web page, which is mainly optimized for devices accessing it. There has