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Your website is an important part of your brand. In order to keep that brand trending you need to have an impressive website superior of your competitors. Just because your business currently has a website online does not mean it’s perfect or that you should just leave it unattended.

Your website and overall online presence should be a part of your marketing strategy and marketing is never complete! Here are 5 important signs to let you know if your website needs work.

1.) It Doesn’t Work Well On Mobile

If your current website isn’t responsive or mobile ready that is a problem in 2017. Your mobile site should be just as flawless as every other version of your site and if it isn’t, your website definitely needs work.

How to fix this? Contact a web designer for a consultation. Let them know your needs and wants and let them come up with a solution for you.

2.) It’s Slow

Users expect content and they expect it now. If your site doesn’t deliver then expect one of your competitors to instead. GTmetrix currently estimates the average fully load time for a website is 8 seconds or less. The faster the better.

How to fix this? Contact a web designer for a consultation. Let them know your current site is running slow and have them analyze your site to see where the problems are and the best steps to fix the slow speeds.

3.) Your audience has evolved

Think about a local food establishment you order food from frequently. Now imagine they have a website that only shows the menu. A friend tells you about another food establishment and this new one has an updated website that allows you to order directly from the website and have it delivered to your front door. The food is equally good, which one are you going to order from now on?

How to fix this? Contact a web designer for a consultation. You may not want to deliver food from your restaurant, but there is no reason you can’t take online orders for pickup in 2017.

4.) It’s more than five years old

We have previously discussed that you should look into updating your website about every two years, depending on the nature of your business. That being said if your website is five years or older your website needs some work! Your website can be used for so much more than an info page and it can help your business too.

How to fix this? Contact a web designer for a consultation. It’s time for the upgrade your business website really needs.

5.) You’re Embarrassed To Give Out Your URL

If you don’t like the look and/or content displayed on your website then your website needs work. You should be happy to show off your business website, not embarrassed. You should be giving out the URL to everyone!

How to fix this? Contact a web designer for a consultation. It’s time your business website has the look and feel that you’re satisfied with and that matches your company’s brand.

If Your Website Needs Work Contact A Web Designer

In all five items discussed there is a common denominator and that is that you should contact a web designer for a consultation! Updating your website doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you have to do is come up with a need and want list for your new website and the web designer will come up with solutions to make those possible or find alternates that will work better for your business and/or budget.


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