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Why Your Company Needs A Responsive Website Design?
Website Redesign

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign

There is a quick answer and there is a long answer.

For the quick answer just know that it is 2017 and trends are changing so fast that if you just got a newly designed website last year there are probably things that designers can do now that you wish you would had on your recently designed website. As a rule of thumb every 2 years is a good time frame based on your business’ needs. Find a designer (hey, like me!) who will give you a free consultation and advise you on if your company can benefit from a redesign.

For the long answer continue reading…

1.) Mobile and Responsive Design

It’s (sarcastic tone) incredible that there are legit corporations and medium sized businesses that still do not have a responsive designed or mobile website (small business too, but financially I am more understanding of this. Even though they are hurting themselves from growing).

According to Smart Insights, 58% of United States consumers use a smartphone to visit websites and 49% use a tablet. You are clearly missing out on a huge chunk of consumer sales by not having a responsive design or mobile site. If it’s not in your business’ budget, make it a priority. Those statistics continue to increase every year!

2.) Faster than The Flash?

Speed is important in 2017. It is unrealistic for your website response and load time to be faster than the Flash or even as fast as the Flash, but it should still at least load on average in 8 seconds or less according to GTmetrix. For every second over you lose visitor interest. Losing visitor interest leads to an overall loss in search engine rankings because of your high bounce rate. Now you have just lost even more traffic which leads to a loss in sales. See how this all spiraled out of control?

3.) Content is King

If your current website’s design isn’t allowing you to showcase the latest and greatest that your business has to offer, it’s definitely time for a change. When a new user visits your website you have to make an outstanding first impression. Your content needs to be on point (clear, concise, and targeted)! After a couple seconds of judgement if your content is lacking, the user is going to move on. Remember how quickly business spiraled down with speed? Repeat cycle here with content.

4.) Results Matter

If you set out to complete a mission when you initially launched your website and the results of said mission are less than what you anticipated, let alone wanted… something could probably use a switch up and I’m betting it’s your website! Your website exists to help build and grow your business. If it’s not doing that then something is not working. Consult a web designer to find out what it is. Hint: website redesign time!

5.) Security

Take note that this list of reasons why you need a website redesign is not in any specific order. So just because security sits at #5 on this list, doesn’t mean it is not that important. If you run an eCommerce website please know that security should be your top priority. New security measurements are implemented with every new website built, so if your website is extremely old it is definitely time for an upgrade before you fall ill to some kind of cyber attack and all your customer’s personal information has been leaked. That is never good for business.

In Conclusion on Website Redesign

If it has been more than 2 years since your company’s last website redesign it is time for a consultation. Reach out to William K Web Design at your convenience via phone, email, or Facebook for yours!


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